Sponsors are more often thinking about the possibility of organizing studies not only in the EU, but also more and more often in countries in Asia, Switzerland, the UK or the US.

We are constantly expanding our service to sponsors and responding to market needs.

We have also intensified our cooperation with insurers, who have extensive expertise in insuring clinical trials, especially in these countries outside the EU. The contacts are well established. We have direct contact to the insurers, respectively multinational business solutions, access to the London insurance market and solutions for different coverages.  This allows us to offer our clients insurance solutions for patients that are specifically adapted to the countries in question. We know what needs to be taken into regard in these countries and what special features there are.

Asia, Switzerland, UK and US

Extended reporting periods, insurance limits or exclusions are sometimes very different. They should be taken into account before concluding a patient insurance policy in order to avoid trouble with authorities, study centers or patients.